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The Champing™ Essential Checklist

Yippee for summer! With the latest figures from the tourism industry showing that UK “staycations” are on the rise thanks to the Brexit effect on currency rates, it’s little wonder that Champing™ is having a moment.

This season we’ll play host to well over 1,400+ champers in twelve of our ancient churches up and down the land. Judging by the delightful comments left in our Champing™ Guest Book and scribed inside visitor books, these adventurous folks are having a very nice time!

So – what do they get up to when Champing™? Well, with no Wi-Fi, TV or sometimes even electricity – a whole lot of “nothing”, actually! By “nothing” we mean moon and star gazing, rambling around the countryside, sampling local cuisine, sleeping soundly under carved angels, lazing about by the river, meandering down little market town high streets, learning about just how great compost loo’s are, relaxing with a good book, music or  loved ones – or simply enjoying birdsong. It’s all fresh air and excitement when you champ with us!

We’ve put together an essential checklist for things to take with you.

You bring the below – and we’ll provide the atmosphere.

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