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The journey of Champing started when a group of young adventurous Scouts asked to camp overnight in one of the churches cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT), the charity caring for redundant churches across England.  It was then…

Spotlight on All Saints Church in Langport

Langport is somewhere you’ll find yourself coming back to as you relive the memories of picnics on the riverbank, lounging in a cosy café, or catching up with friends whilst sampling the farmhouse cider. It’s one of our favourite places…

Get some ‘screen time’, Champing style

Find some time to reconnect by enjoying high ceilings, long walks and a new take on ‘screen time’

A Good Knight’s Sleep

We find out about the miraculous medieval roots of modern Champing™

TV’s Rev. Kate celebrates the opening of the Champing™ season!

I made a special visit to Nottinghamshire this weekend to see a new church, St Peter’s, Gamston, vested in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT).

It’s good to share!

We all know it’s good to share and research has found that people are increasingly placing more value on what they do over what they own, according to an article in Travel Weekly, as they look to share experiences.

Getting ready to champ!

We’re all very excited about the imminent opening date which is now only a month away, when we’ll have actual Champers staying in our churches! How exciting!

Chin Chin for Champing™!

Anyone for a Transept TeaTini?

A perfectly splendid time Champing™

What do our guests think of their Champing trip?

The Champing™ Essential Checklist

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Who’s been talking about us?

A round-up of the media coverage we’ve enjoyed recently

The Official Champing™ Guide to Church Architecture

The following is a light-hearted look at a few architectural terms, pointy bits and all.

Happy Champer Guest Blog

Champing observations from previous guests

After ewe, dear…

Presenting the ChampLav – a loo with a view

A Champing™ Good Read!

Champ Towers comes over all literary this World Book Day

She Said YES!!

Share the love this February as romance runs rampant

‘We’ve created a Thing!’

This is our first blog post about how we created Champing™ and made it into an actual Thing! I thought my boss, Peter, was joking when he asked me to look into how we can make camping in churches into something that people will pay to do! After I’d finished laughing, I began to think that it was quite a cool idea, but I still had no idea where to start.