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Since the dawn of (Champing™) time we have hosted over five thousand happy champers in our hallowed havens. 

Their enthusiastic messages are left in visitor books up and down the land. Here are just a few:

A perfect way to spend a weekend

Living in the West Midlands I wanted to find the most secluded and quiet place to have a camping weekend away from home. This was my second Champing trip i have taken, the first this year, the Church that looked like it ticked all of the boxes was St Marys, in Emborough in Somerset. This beautiful Medieval Church next to the Mendip Hills was a fantastic way to unwind. The only sounds you could hear was the sound of the local wildlife and farm traffic.

Well worth another visit! I am already looking at places to go for my 3rd stay over next year, I can’t wait

Adam Freeman

What an awesome experience! My

What an awesome experience! My daughter and I had the beautiful church to ourselves. We sang our favorite songs and listened to the sounds blending with the wind gusting about the old church. A blessed and chilly night.

The first experience with a dry toilet wasn’t bad either.

Donna Mason-Smith

Our first champing experience was

Our first champing experience was an exciting and eventful one.
The church was amazing. Pretty and very decorative. It was all well set out with beds and chairs and pretty battery candles.
At night the church was lit up outside making it more mystical. When the lights went out the lightening started.
The loo was great and the church was well equipped.
It was in all a great experience and lovely to spend a night in such an iconic building with so much history.

Rachael Raine

St Mary the Virgin, Stansted Mountfitchen

What an interesting place to spend a night, highly recommended. You are advised to wrap up warm and that is so true even when the weather is very warm.

Peter Wilson

We had a wonderful night

We had a wonderful nights stay and woke at 5am with the light coming through the windows – a great space for a very active 6 year old. We shall be doing more champing in the future.

Karen, Diana & Nate

My friend and I stayed

My friend and I stayed at St Cyriac and St Julitta in Cambridgeshire. I had been looking online for something else when I came across Champing. I was intrigued as this was the perfect opportunity to spend some time with my friend who was leaving and going away for a year. We booked and waited. When we arrived on that Sunday afternoon we were spellbound, the idea of having the whole church to ourselves to spend and enjoy our time together was magical! Even spending nearly an hour to walk to the next village to the nearest shop did not dampen our spirits. Thank you for this beautiful experience.

S Townsend

St Andrew’s, Wroxeter

We had a wonderful first champing experience. We had everything we needed, included a dry toilet and hand sanitisers of course. Plenty of water, tea and coffee.

The beds were set out for us. We put our inflatable matress on top, and it was very comfy. I got a little cold during the night – my own fault as previous champers had warned me to take more blankets than I thought I would need! Husband was fine though.

The church takes in a whole different atmosphere at night, lit up by the ‘candles’. I did wonder if we’d hear any strange sounds(!) I needn’t have worried though as we literally didn’t hear a pin drop! It was so peaceful.

I never ever thought I’d have the chance to stay overnight in any church, never mind such a historical and interesting one. It was amazing to watch the sun set in the churchyard all by ourselves, and to see the morning light hit the top East window before any other.

We had no problem parking at the hotel next door, and went to the hotel’s Woodland Cafe (a tepee with an open fire !) next morning for a lovely cooked breakfast.

There is plenty to see nearby too including a Roman fort just down the road ( its run by English Heritage and you need to pre-book). We also visited other churches and ruined abbeys whilst we were in the area.

We couldn’t find the current visitors book to sign, but enjoyed reading the comments made in the previous ones dating back 35 years!

We are already planning our next champ 😃

Beverley Barsby

A most pleasing experience. I

A most pleasing experience. I learned to love waking up at the crack of dawn (no curtains) and re-learning the joys of simply sitting and contemplating (no internet).

John Rowlands

We had a super night

We had a super night champing at St Leonard’s, Old Langho in a beautiful part of Lancashire. The church was completed in 1557 although parts of it are much older having been purloined from the nearby ruined Whalley Abbey. We loved the cosy atmosphere in the church with the twinkling lights and the plentiful tea and coffee – don’t forget to take your own milk though! The nearby pub was welcoming with some nice local beers but be warned – they don’t do food on a Monday! All in all an enjoyable experience.

Lorraine Groves

Thanks for our first champing

Thanks for our first champing experience. We had a great time, we loved “owning” the key which was like something for a Manor House! The instructions were really useful and well written (very funny!)

If you’re reading this and thinking of booking a stay…. just do it!

Nicole Brown

Wonderful night in a church

Wonderful night in a church which I’ve often passed but never visited – so quiet, peaceful and atmospheric.


Edward Dutton

Beautiful church, the towers are

Beautiful church, the towers are amazing. Spent the night here champing, loved it. Very blessed to have been able to stay here. The church has a lovely peaceful atmosphere and listening to the bats was great. The champing people do a brilliant job, beds comfy, chairs and kettle brilliant, will certainly stay again.

N Stiles

St. Mary’s Longsleddale

We were looking for somewhere for a retreat, but nowhere would take us and our dog. So we started looking to construct a DIY retreat and came across champing. It was perfect.

We chose Longsleddale so that we could cook our own meals and completely retreat from shops, restaurants and anywhere with WiFi. It certainly provided all of that, and in a beautiful setting. The weather was perfect and we found ourselves walking much more than we had planned. And we met and were welcomed by many members of the local community.
Sleeping in a church was not spooky and it was not cold. It was cosy and homely – even our dog felt very comfortable there (and he’s scared of everything).

Fiona Yardley

Second time champing in St

Second time champing in St Katherine’s. Had another lovely evening with my partner and dogs. St Katherine’s has a homely lovely feel to it, and it’s such a privilege to spend the night in these wonderful churches. Got up early to watch the bats coming home to roost in the clock tower. Thanks again to the champbots for making St Katherine’s so welcoming.

Fiona Adby

It was a very unique experience

We booked to spend a night in the All Saints, Billesley. It was part of a 5 day camping trip to and from Wales and we though it would add some interest. We weren’t wrong! It was a very unique experience.
Arriving at the church feels was a little daunting as we hadn’t received any email prior to arrival so we didn’t know what to do but we found a phone number online and spoke to a gentleman who was extremely helpful and told us everything we needed to know. The toilet facilities are in the hotel next door so they are impeccable. There is also the option of adding a day pass to the spa onto your stay but we didn’t use this.
We went to a local pub for food (The Stag) which was absolutely lovely. I expected going back to the church in the dark to be unnerving but it wasn’t. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to feel as relaxed as I did. The church is small so has a cosy feel and the atmosphere is really nice. This was helped by the (battery operated) candles and hot chocolate – We were pleasantly surprised to find facilities to make hot drinks. I slept well which was good as we’d planned to go into Stratford Upon Avon for the day which is about 15 mins drive away. We did the whole Shakespeare thing for the day and really, really enjoyed it.

All in all, I think I will probably stay here again. The tickets we bought to see the Shakespeare attractions are valid for 12 months so the trip is half planned anyway. As for Champing in general? Yes I want to try it again. I’m on a secret mission now to spend at least one night in all the churches available 🙂

Emma Randall

My stay at St Andrew’s

My stay at St Andrew’s Chruch in Wroxeter (Shrewsbury) wasn’t my first visit. I visited for the first time in 2016 on a field trip as part of my Master’s course and was enchanted by the beautiful village and surrounding’s – not many Medieval churches’ can boast a Roman city next door (you can see it from the Church!). We brought our dog along on the camping trip, and she enjoyed it. Once we had settled in the Church we went for a walk around the village, the most quietest village i am sure in Shropshire! Blackberries were picked and once we got back we made jam – a permanent tribute to our great trip. Great facilities on site, with a kettle, candles, spare sleeping blankets and toiletries.
I would recommend the Church and the trip to anyone – although with no shops nearby, be prepared when you arrive as it is one of the more out of the way Churches.

Adam Freeman


Three old uni friends with children meeting up for first time since the pandemic started. Beautiful building and setting. We managed the composting toilet. Had lovely evening meal in local pub The Swan. Enjoyed practising speaking from the pulpit-the speeches were great! A map of where everything was inside church would have helped and a couple more washing bowls. Would recommend mattress toppers for those who get a bit stiff. Youngest members of the party (5 and 7) loved the exploring and playing hide and seek.

Jessica Shepherd

St Mary’s – Longsleddale

Myself, my partner and our 2 dogs stayed at Longsleddale and had a great experience from start to finish. We had a lovely local walk in the evening followed by cooking our tea in the community hall where someone had thoughtfully got us a table and chairs out. Everything we could possibly need for cooking was available for our use. (Oven, toaster, microwave, utensils etc)
After a bit of sky watching (and a couple of beers) we then had a great nights sleep in the Church – it was chilly as expected so we packed a winter duvet. After a well rested night we made breakfast then went off for a walk up to Kentmere Pike.
A great time was had by all and I’d would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you


We had a great stay

We had a great stay at All Saints, Langport. The church was a beautiful and peaceful building with interesting architecture and history and we enjoyed looking around it and felt privileged to be able to stay in it. The camp beds were comfortable and we had ample supplies of tea and coffee – thank you to the Champbots for making it so comfortable. Even my son’s toy hedgehog slept well it seems!

Jacqui Williams

Had a great stay in

Had a great stay in warminghurst, such a lovely church, in beautiful surroundings, quiet, peaceful, & relaxing & gr8 for walks, after dark we could hear the owl, had a visit from the church mouse, & the resident bats! Had a lovely walk b4 our fantastic breakfast at the nursery, a gr8 time had & looking forward to the next one.

liz stone