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Since the dawn of (Champing™) time we have hosted over five thousand happy champers in our hallowed havens. 

Their enthusiastic messages are left in visitor books up and down the land. Here are just a few:

Church of St Cyriac and St Julitta, Swaffham Prior

I wanted to stay somewhere unique and different; Champing delivered in abundance! I needed somewhere to stay overnight in Cambridgeshire and I did not want to stay in some nondescript chain hotel, so after some Googling came across Champing. What a revelation; no under occupancy or single supplement charges, no high season, and something definitely unique; I booked immediately!

On arrival everything was exactly as described; I certainly was not lacking in space to spread out, plus there was a modern inside toilet and small kitchen area! Many thought I was mad to spend the night in a church on my own and to be honest I was a little apprehensive, however once settled in and with my picnic, wine and beautiful surroundings I felt very much at home. Ironically I ended up having the best night’s sleep in weeks!

Beautiful location, very quiet with just one pub in the village and
plenty of walking opportunities on your doorstep. My only disappointment was that I was only staying for one night.

One visitor who was looking around the churchyard whilst I was there mentioned that the reason there are 2 churches next to each other (St Mary’s is literally metres away and is as large) is due to some sibling rivalry and each brother built their own church. Would be interested to know if this was true!

Liz Laird

We stayed at Booton for

We stayed at Booton for a night and the children couldn’t believe the space and that it was all ours! The champbots had left a good selection of hot drinks for us and plenty of cushions and blankets. The usually coloured windows shining white at dawn were amazing. In the morning some tourists wandered in as we were packing the car, so we told them about champing while tidying up. Overall the experience was unique.

J Bradley

St Leonard’s Church Old Langho

What an amazing experience. We loved every second of it and are already planning our next trip. I was worried it would be too cold and too creepy, but I woke up really warm and cosy and slept like a log. Fantastic experience I wholeheartedly recommend.

Caroline Jones

My husband and I stayed

My husband and I stayed for one night. We loved the experience. The camp beds were very comfortable and the tea / coffee and kettle were very handy. The dry toilet was perfect despite it being outside in the graveyard. The setting was just perfect with gorgeous views across the fields. The breakfast was provided at the kitchen on the wharf which was a perfect setting. All in all we loved the experience and I would recommend champing to anyone who wants to try something a little bit different.

Emily Brackstone


I stayed a Emborough in Somerset, with my dog, Captain. What a wonderfully unusual place to stay! Made all the more atmospheric by the heavy rain that fell during the night. The church itself is a pretty little place, and surprisingly quiet at night, with few creaks or other old-building sounds. I entertained myself by recording The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe in the evening, and made a little video of my stay – follow this link to see it!

Andrew Cox

This night goes down on

This night goes down on our list of one of the lovliest things we’ve done ! It was our first time champing and Langport was possibly a good place to start as it was not remote, had a perfectly acceptable loo (just outside), a water supply (at a tap on the outside wall) a drinking water dispenser (inside) and the church is served with electricity. The camp beds were positioned on top of a wooden platform, covered by a carpet, which ensured that we were both warm and comfortable (it was, of course, 21 June). We loved listening to music as we relaxed and watched the sun shine in through the beautiful stained glass windows that surrounded us. Ahhh … Good memories … and I’d certainly do it again.

Catherine Samuel

We had a super night

We had a super night champing at St Leonard’s, Old Langho in a beautiful part of Lancashire. The church was completed in 1557 although parts of it are much older having been purloined from the nearby ruined Whalley Abbey. We loved the cosy atmosphere in the church with the twinkling lights and the plentiful tea and coffee – don’t forget to take your own milk though! The nearby pub was welcoming with some nice local beers but be warned – they don’t do food on a Monday! All in all an enjoyable experience.

Lorraine Groves

Second time champing in St

Second time champing in St Katherine’s. Had another lovely evening with my partner and dogs. St Katherine’s has a homely lovely feel to it, and it’s such a privilege to spend the night in these wonderful churches. Got up early to watch the bats coming home to roost in the clock tower. Thanks again to the champbots for making St Katherine’s so welcoming.

Fiona Adby

Our third champ and another

Our third champ and another lovely experience. After a picnic in the churchyard and a stroll, we popped into the Horseshoe & Castle pub for a pint. Worth a visit for the interesting interior (great for taxidermy fans!) and chatted to the very friendly owner. We then settled in to the church to listen to recorded radio plays by electric lantern-light. Atmospheric and fun.
Then to bed in the surprisingly comfy camp beds and slept well. In a hot, hot August, the slightly cool church was perfect.
Packed up with light streaming through the stained glass and headed off to breakfast at the pub – and another great chat.
All in all, an excellent night’s escape from normal life.

Sarah Perrin

St Peter’s in Wolfhampcote

I stayed here for one night in September 2020 with my Mum (67) and nephew (11). It was my Mum’s first time Champing and she was nervous but loved it and will definitely do it again. The location was absolutely stunning, off the main road and through a gated pasture, you really felt like you had stepped back in time. It was so quiet and peaceful and we had a lovely evening. The facilities again were great, camping stove, water and plenty of hot drinks. The toilet is however outside, which was a little exciting, but it felt very safe and we had no problems at all. Would love to stay here again, maybe for a few nights next time!

Chloe Elston

Very atmospheric and a whole

Very atmospheric and a whole load of fun for all the family! The Red Lion is perfectly located a few doors down the road and serve great food and drinks. I would highly recommend a night here!!

Richard Hope

I was so impressed with

I was so impressed with the Champing Team, who gracefully put up with us growing from a group of 4 to a group of 9 prior to our arrival, with various additions to the booking being requested and lots of questions from the group!
We arrived at Langport last weekend and spent the most amazing evening in the church, which is really quite stunning. Luckily a few of us were awake early enough to see the sunrise over the graveyard and the mist hanging over the Somerset levels. We are converted Champers and are already trying to decide which church to champ in next time! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!

Melanie Brock

We had a fantastic time

We had a fantastic time champing. The church, St Andrew’s in Wroxeter, is beautiful and we had everything we needed. We spent hours exploring every detail and playing hide and seek in the pews. Our four year old adored the fake candles. It was a perfect break and we’ll definitely do it again in another church. Thank you!

Karen Waslin

Stay At St James – Cooling

We had a brilliant stay at St James Church. All the communication to make our stay easy was great before hand, and on arrival everything was set up. We had an excellent night, and it was everything we thought it would be, and more. No scary antics, this time but definately an experience! We are well up for another champing session!!

Becky Glass

St Peters Wolfhampcote

Wow what an experience, a massive Thankyou to the staff who went out of their way to set up the area in the church ready for our first champing experience. There was strange noises in the night but we felt safe and secure, it is a beautiful church with beautiful surroundings and It was far better than expected and we thoroughly enjoyed it and we will definitely be champing again in the near future.


St Leonard

2nd Champing stay and 2nd time we’ve been delighted. Great church and grounds to explore. Everything was laid out for us by the Champbots. We booked a table at The Black Bull Inn next door and the welcome, service and food was excellent. Why spend a night in a boring hotel when you can be surrounded by history.

Tony Daly

Charming little church. Key for

Charming little church. Key for entry was difficult to find.
Not clear, that you can park on the terrain of the neighbouring farmer. Also, that the toilet was located there. But altogehter a nice stay in a quiet atmosphere.

Hans van Proosdij

9 yogis for 1 nightYes

9 yogis for 1 night; thank you we loved it. On the hottest day of the year it was still cool inside. We all slept  well and they thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the dim drinking gin 🤣 Especially after the yoga and walking.
Definitely will be repeating.

Thank you. There’s lots of pics on

Nikki Austin

St Peter’s Church Wolfhamcote

Very nice, definitely want to do this again.

Mike Holmes

St Andrews Shropshire

I took my husband as a surprise.
His initial response on arrival was “we aren’t staying in there are we? Spooky…” but once we were in and put the twinkly lights on he agreed it was really amazing and mad at at same time. But such an amazing way to keep these historic buildings alive. We loved using the leaflet to find all the ancient artefacts in the church. It was incredibly peaceful and we were snug in our duvet wool blankets and thermals… if anything we were too hot with our dogs in the mix. For hundreds of years churches were sanctuaries and places of refuge. It felt like the church took us in and kept us safe for the night. And if it was spooky it was only the ghosts keeping watch over us.